What we can do for your Project

Team of skilled people

KeyGrip, Dolly grip, Rigging grip, Stabilized head tech., Crane operator, CableCam tech., Gimbal tech., etc.


Fisher 10, Fisher 11, Magnum dolly, Techno 30, Techno 22, GF-8, Rickshaw, CableCam, VertiCam, SpeedTrack, Steadicam, MiniJib, Movi XL, Movi Pro, Movi M15, Ronin 2, Dual BlackArm, Tranquilizer, EasyRig w. Serene, Wireless HD Video, Wireless focus control, HD monitors, atd.

Trucks and Vans

2x Grip truck 7,5t, Camera truck 7,5t, Rigging truck 7,5t, 3x VAN 3,5t, 2x Pick-up, Trailers, 6x6 Polaris, Electric quad

Rigging equipment

ALU truss constructions for camera, lights, crew, 3x ALU tower 12m, tubes, double clamps, swivel clamps, Blue screen 12x6m, Green screen 4x4m, Steel decks, platforms, etc.